Frequently Asked Questions

You can refer to our ingredients and nutritional facts for a full list, but it’s filled with natural food galactogogues like oatmeal, organic flaxseed and brewer’s yeast. It also contains almonds and cinnamon to help get your milk going.

Galactogogues are substances that promote lactation. The Leaky Munch only uses food galactogogues hence our cookies are non-medication and non-herbal. Only natural wholesome ingredients to boost your supply.

Though some moms can see a difference even after just 1 cookie, we recommend 2-3 per day initially for intensive milk boosting. As you find your supply increasing, you can taper down to 2 or 1 cookie per day just for sustenance. Of course, if you find it difficult to stop eating our cookies, feel free to consume more. We highly recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated while breastfeeding. You can also refer to our Cookie Packages for more information.

At The Leaky Munch, we do not use any added preservatives in our cookies. We want you and your baby to have only the best. Hence, if you are planning to eat the cookies within one to two weeks, no special storage is needed. If you plan to make them last longer, then we recommend storing our cookies in the fridge. However, the earlier you consume the cookies, the better their taste.

Of course! We understand that our cookies look and taste irresistible so we are happy to let you know that they are perfectly safe for consumption by the whole family.

You can place your order via our Instagram/ Facebook account ( leakymunch ), our website ( ) or by contacting us directly at our given phone number (+60143895193).

As all our cookies are homemade, a fresh batch will be made upon your order on the next baking day and will be posted to you via a courier service by the next day. A courier fee will be charged. This ranges from 3-5 days. We are only shipping within Malaysia for now though. Alternatively, you can also arrange to self-collect (within Klang Valley) our cookies upon request.

Yes. All our ingredients are from assured Halal sources including our brewer’s yeast.

Whether you’re trying to get back into shape or just trying to be that bit more energetic we know that nursing mothers are also keen on keeping to a healthier lifestyle. Our cookies have a relatively modest calorie count and even the suggested 3 pieces/ day will still put you well within the limit of the recommended extra 500kcal allocated while breastfeeding. Yes, we feel you sister!